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Meet Dr. Hamid

Meet Dr. Hamid - Your Local Carson Orthodontist

Dr. Hamid Barkhordar (known to his patients as Dr. Hamid), D.D.S, MMSc, is an experienced and skilled orthodontist who treats both teens and adults here at Care Dental Center in Carson.

What Types of Orthodontics Does Dr. Hamid Offer?

Dr. Hamid can provide you with any type of braces you prefer, from traditional metal braces to Invisalign® clear aligners. He also works with ceramic braces. Dr. Hamid creates a customized treatment plan tailored to each individual patient to ensure they achieve the best possible results.

Where Did Dr. Hamid Go to School?

Dr. Hamid first attended dental school at the University of South California School of Dentistry. After graduating from dental school, he enrolled at Harvard School of Dental Medicine to specialize in orthodontic work.

What Else Has Dr. Hamid Done During His Career?

Oral health is an important component of overall health, but dental care is difficult to obtain in many poverty-stricken countries around the world. Dr. Hamid has been part of several humanitarian missions to provide dental care to communities that are otherwise unable to access it.

Dr Hamid's Specialities and Education
Dr Hamid's Specialities and Education

What Is the Goal of Orthodontic Work?

Orthodontia is often seen as the best way to achieve a beautiful smile. While this is true and is often why people pursue it, orthodontia can also correct many dental problems and help patients achieve optimum oral health.

Dental problems that can be corrected with orthodontic care include malocclusion, crowding, underbites, overbites, crossbites, and more. Each of these issues can lead to further health problems, such as tooth decay and gum disease, and cause debilitating pain.

Why Choose Care Dental Center?

Care Dental Center’s goal is to treat each patient with the utmost kindness and respect and to do whatever we can to help them achieve optimal oral health and a smile that makes them feel confident.

How Much Does Orthodontic Work Cost?

Orthodontics vary widely in price depending on which kind of orthodontic appliances you need, how much care you need, and what portion of the cost will be covered by your insurance. When you have a consultation for orthodontics at our Carson office, the staff will prepare a detailed estimate of the costs involved with your treatment and discuss it with you.

We also offer a variety of financing arrangements if you would like to discuss them.

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