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Fixed Dental Bridges Carson, CA

Are you tired of feeling self-conscious when you smile because of your missing tooth? If a dental implant isn't possible for you, a dental bridge is a comfortable and beautiful solution to replace a missing tooth and complete your smile.

At Care Dental Center, you can choose from several high-quality dental bridge options to ensure a naturally comfortable fit. Our dental bridges are a great way to transform your confidence and your smile!

What Are Dental Bridges?

A dental bridge is an artificial tooth that is fixed in place by crowns or wings that attach to and are supported by your neighboring teeth. The synthetic tooth seamlessly blends in with your other teeth and functions just like a natural tooth. Our practice proudly offers the following bridge options:

  • Traditional Bridge: This type of bridge is fixed by special crowns that have been placed on the adjacent teeth.
  • Cantilever Bridge: A cantilever bridge is necessary when there is only one natural tooth that can be used to hold the artificial tooth in place.
  • Maryland Bonded Bridge: Maryland bonded bridges provide a minimally invasive option that uses wings placed on the adjacent teeth to anchor the prosthetic tooth, rather than the traditional crowns.
Dental Bridges in Carson CA
Dental Bridges Dentist in Carson CA

What are the Benefits of Dental Bridges?

  • Helps keep your teeth and jaw perfectly aligned
  • Fits into your mouth with ease and comfort
  • Revives your smile's natural beauty
  • Allows you to chew and eat as you did before

What is the Process of Getting Dental Bridges?

The process for placing dental bridges begins with an initial consultation. This involves the taking of x-rays, and an examination from our expert Dr. Omid Barkhordar. He will use his knowledge and expertise to develop your own perfect dental bridge plan.

In order to guarantee your dental bridge fits just right, we will use our innovative technology to take detailed impressions of your mouth. We will then place a comfortable temporary bridge that will safeguard the dental bridge treatment site while we create your custom permanent bridge. You will come back to our office for the final fitting and placement of your permanent bridge as soon as it has been completed.

How Long is Recovery After Getting Dental Bridges?

Most patients experience changes in their bite, soreness, and tooth sensitivity after getting a dental bridge. This recovery period lasts about two weeks and is completely normal as your mouth adjusts to the dental bridge.

To alleviate discomfort, use toothpaste made for sensitive teeth and avoid eating foods that are very hot or cold in temperature.

If any of the following complications occur, schedule a dental appointment as soon as possible:

  • Bridge breaks or slips out of place
  • Pain, off-feeling bite or chewing problems
  • Infection
Dental Bridges in Carson CA
Dental Bridges Type in Carson CA

How is a Dental Bridge Cared For?

Remember that a dental bridge is dependent on the strength and health of your remaining teeth, so it is especially important to keep gum disease and tooth decay far away to steer clear of tooth loss. To get the most out of a dental bridge, implement these oral care tips:

  • Brush twice a day
  • Floss at least once a day (try a floss product specially designed for dental bridges)
  • Get your dental bridge checked and teeth cleaned by a dentist twice a year
  • Ask your dentist for a list of recommended foods to avoid (continue to keep list updated)

How Long Do Dental Bridges Last?

A dental bridge can last as long as 15 years when properly maintained and as few as five. Try to limit chewy and hard foods and boost your intake of fruits, fiber, and veggies.

How Much Do Dental Bridges Cost in Carson?

There are a number of factors that determine the cost of a dental bridge, including the type of bridge chosen and the materials used to make the bridge itself.

At Care Dental Center, our team helps patients explore every option to get you a treatment plan for the best price.

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