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New Patient Forms Carson CA

New Patient Information

New Patient Forms at Carson Dental Care

Welcome to Care Dental Center! Our team is excited to meet you soon. In the meantime, we ask for new patients to download and fill out the forms below so our staff can be as prepared for your visit as possible. The forms have pertinent information we need, such as your address, contact information, emergency contact details, and insurance information. You can rest assured that Care Dental Center never releases your information to third parties without explicit consent. We strictly comply with federal HIPAA privacy laws to keep your information safe and sound!

How Does Filling Out Patient Forms Ahead of Time Help Care Dental Center?

Care Dental Center strives to provide each patient with a uniquely tailored oral healthcare plan. In order to do that, we need to get to know your medical and dental history. Doing so beforehand will help us streamline your visit, reduce wait time, and meet your dental needs efficiently. In addition, having your dental insurance information will help our billing team know where to send your claims for your first visit.

What Should I Put on the Patient Information Form if I Don’t Have Dental Insurance?

Care Dental Center’s patient information form has a section dedicated to your primary and secondary insurance information. However, if you do not have dental insurance, simply leave this section blank. Care Dental Center will still be able to see you, and we have easy financing and payment plans designed to meet your budget!

New Patient Information Carson CA
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Which Forms Do I Need to Fill Out for Care Dental Center?

Care Dental Center has included two forms below, and each is available in English and Spanish. The first form is a patient information form, and the second form is a medical history form. That way, we can get to know you, your needs, and your concerns before your first visit! We want to make your first visit as comfortable as possible, and learning more about you will help us provide you with the personalized care you deserve. As always, if you have any questions about our forms, please do not hesitate to reach out to our friendly dental team.

Are You Unsure How to Answer a Question on Care Dental Center’s Forms?

Care Dental Center is here to answer your questions! If you need help with one of our forms, please contact us or call (310) 626-0004!