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Porcelain Ceramic Braces Carson CA

Porcelain Ceramic Braces

Porcelain Ceramic Braces Carson, CA

Porcelain ceramic braces – also referred to as clear or white braces – are an excellent option for patients who need traditional braces but worry about aesthetics. Your orthodontist can discuss the pros and cons of porcelain ceramic braces in Carson and help you make the best decision for your oral health.

What Are Porcelain Ceramic Braces in Carson?

Porcelain ceramic braces have the same components and work just like traditional metal braces. They are made up of:

  • Brackets that are cemented to the outer surface of your teeth
  • An archwire that fits into the brackets
  • Elastic bands to hold the archwire in place

The archwire directs the movement of your teeth as they shift into proper alignment.

The differences between clear braces and metal braces are as follows.

  • The brackets are made of porcelain/ceramic instead of metal
  • The archwire is clear, though metal is sometimes used
  • We can use clear or white elastic bands, though some patients still like colorful bands
Porcelain Ceramic Braces Carson CA
Porcelain Ceramic Braces in Carson CA

Are Clear Braces in Carson More Likely to Stain?

Surprisingly, porcelain ceramic braces are fairly stain resistant. Typically, the elastic bands are what’s most likely to stain, but we can replace those easily whenever there’s a need.

However, if you drink lots of coffee or tea, drink red wine, and eat dark berries every day, you might experience some staining. Drinking through a straw and limiting stain-producing foods and beverages can help keep your braces looking clean and white.

What Are the Benefits of Porcelain Braces Over Metal Braces?

The main benefit of porcelain ceramic braces in Carson is aesthetics. Though they’re not as invisible as clear aligners (Invisalign®), they blend rather well – much more so than metal braces.

Another benefit is that the porcelain brackets tend to be smoother than metal ones, making them a more comfortable option. Your tongue, lips, and cheeks will thank you!

Am I a Good Candidate for Porcelain Ceramic Braces?

Most patients are a good fit for these types of braces. During your orthodontic consultation, your Carson orthodontist will let you know if you’re a good candidate for them or if there’s a better option for your needs.

How Long Will I Need to Wear Braces?

While porcelain ceramic braces are harder than most people think, they’re still not as strong as metal. Therefore, the brackets can be prone to chipping or breaking if we move the teeth too quickly. You might be in braces a bit longer than someone wearing traditional metal braces to prevent this. Most patients wear clear braces for 18-36 months (the average for metal braces is 18-24 months).

How Much Do Porcelain Ceramic Braces in Carson Cost?

The cost depends on your needs:

  • How complicated your misalignment issues are
  • How long you’ll need to be in braces (and how many ortho visits you’ll need)
  • If you’ll need supplementary orthodontic treatments

Talk to your Carson orthodontic team to get an estimate and find out how much your insurance will cover. We’ll discuss payment options and even recommend trusted outside financing resources.

Porcelain Ceramic Braces Carson CA

Which Orthodontic Option Is Right for You?

Each patient is different, and your Carson orthodontist refuses to take a one-size-fits-all approach to orthodontic care. Doing so would be a disservice to you.

Instead, we take an individualistic approach, weighing the pros and cons of each treatment option against your unique needs.

Schedule an orthodontic consult with your Carson dentist if you’re ready to learn more about your treatment options. Your orthodontist will evaluate your needs and create a custom treatment plan to help you get a healthy, well-functioning smile you love.

Porcelain Braces – An Aesthetically Pleasing Option for Patients of All Ages

Are you a good candidate for braces? Contact us to schedule an ortho consultation to discuss the pros and cons of porcelain ceramic braces in Carson.


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