Sedation-Dentistry-FAQs Carson, CA


Sedation Dentistry FAQs Carson, CA

For some people, especially children, going to the dentist might not be much fun. It can even cause extreme anxiety in some folks due to some past negative experiences at other dentists or simply a fear of doctors in general. At Care Dental Center in Carson, we know how to work with patients, especially children, to make them feel safe and comfortable in our dental offices. One of the ways we do this is through the use of safe sedation options.

What Is Dental Sedation in Carson?

Dental sedation is the technique of using medicines that help relax a person to make them more amenable to dental treatments. There are different levels of dental sedation ranging from options that keep you conscious but relaxed and happy, to general anesthesia, which knocks a person completely out. Sedation can be delivered via oral medicine, a breathing mask, or an IV. To numb an area, we might inject some pain killer via a needle.

We tend to use the less serious options for minor procedures, and only reserve general anesthesia for dental surgery.

What Dental Treatments Can You Use Dental Sedation For?

Dental sedation can be used in almost any dental treatment, particularly for those who have extreme anxiety. For kids, especially those with special needs, sometimes sedation is necessary for even routine dental checkups and teeth cleanings. Here are some other cases where we might use sedation dentistry:

If you need to see the dentist and you want it to be less scary for yourself or a child, dental sedation can be used in almost any procedure.

What Types of Dental Sedation Are Available?

There are three general categories of dental sedation: conscious, twilight, and unconscious sedation.

What Is Conscious Dental Sedation?

The first is conscious dental sedation, which is where you are fully awake, but just a bit more relaxed. We typically use laughing gas with conscious dental sedation or sometimes oral medicines.

What Is Twilight Dental Sedation?

The second is twilight sedation, which is in between being unconscious and conscious. This is like being almost asleep in a dreamlike state. You will still be able to respond to our questions, but you probably won't remember much of anything after the procedure. This sedation is often provided via a mask using nitrous oxide and sometimes IV.

What Is Unconscious Dental Sedation?

The third type of dental sedation is unconscious sedation, which is general anesthesia. We only use this for serious oral surgeries that would require somebody to be completely unconscious. On occasion, someone has such extreme anxiety that they might need unconscious sedation to get through a procedure, but this is rare.

What Is Laughing Gas?

Laughing gas is simply nitrous oxide. It is a very safe gas that has been used for many decades to help people relax during dental procedures. This benign sedation option is delivered via a breathing mask and is safe for both children and adults.

What Does Dental Sedation Cost in Carson?

The cost of dental sedation depends on the procedure, and sometimes the sedation cost is included in the overall cost of the procedure. For more information about the cost of sedation and different situation options, please talk to our front desk staff. They'll be happy to help you.

Safe Dental Sedation for Your Family!

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