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Innovative Dental Technology Carson CA

Dental Technology

Dental Technology Carson, CA

Care Dental Center is committed to using the latest dental technology available to ensure you have the best dental care experience at our office! We understand that technology is ever evolving, which is why our dental team prioritizes continual learning. Dental visits can be somewhat intimidating but having cutting-edge technology can help ease any anxiety or discomfort you may feel. Here, we will discuss some of the technology you may encounter at our dentist office in Carson, CA!

What Types of Dental Technology Does Care Dental Center Use?

Care Dental Center uses dental technology to provide enhanced diagnostics and treatments, increased sanitation and safety measures, and durable materials and techniques. Here are a few of the technologies you may encounter at our Carson office:

CAD/CAM Technology for Custom Restorations

CAD technology refers to computer-aided drafting/design, whereas CAM technology includes computer-aided manufacturing. CAD/CAM technology is not new to other industries, including aerospace and engineering. However, dentists can now utilize CAD/CAM technology to craft tailored dental restorations like bridges, crowns, implant-supported crowns, veneers, onlays, inlays, dentures, and more. Instead of waiting on a dental lab, many custom restorations are now made in-office!

Dental Lasers for Greater Precision

Dental lasers allow Care Dental Center to wield a new level of precision. Dental lasers have taken the place of dental drills in some cases, and they come with a plethora of benefits. The reduced noise and pain create a more comfortable experience for our patients, often removing the need for anesthesia. Dental lasers also produce minor gum swelling and bleeding. Overall, they are versatile instruments, helping to remove cavities or perform in-office teeth whitening treatments effectively.

Innovative Dental Technology Carson CA
Innovative Dental Technologies Carson CA

Digital X-Rays for Less Radiation

Digital x-rays produce up to 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays. They also offer a better view that is helpful in dental diagnoses. For example, the enhanced images offer dentists incredible clarity, allowing them to catch and treat issues early. Importantly, digital x-rays are also safe for pregnant women to receive. Pregnant women can safely receive up to four digital x-rays per visit at Care Dental Center in Carson, CA.

Intraoral Photography for Enhanced Imaging

Intraoral photography uses small digital cameras to take pictures inside a patient’s mouth. Often, it is approximately the size of a little pen. This provides Care Dental Center with enhanced images that can be used for dental diagnostics, patient education, and as proof for insurance companies. Many areas inside the mouth are almost impossible to see, but intraoral photography has solved this issue, bringing sharp clarity that our team uses to help our patients.

3D Imaging for Life-Like Renditions

Care Dental Center uses 3D imaging technology to create life-like images. We then use these images to evaluate the teeth, muscles, nerves, jaw, neck, throat, sinuses, and ears. From diagnosing oral infections and disease to taking precise measures for reconstructive dental surgeries, 3D imaging is one advancement that has transformed dentistry.

Air Abrasion for Gentle Removal

Air abrasion is a modern dental technology that allows the gentle removal of smaller cavities. In addition to carefully removing cavities, air abrasion is used for other purposes, such as eliminating staining and discoloration on patients’ teeth. Before air abrasion, a dental drill was always used.

Dental Surgical Stents for Proper Implant Placement

Dental surgical stents help Care Dental Center with placing implants. Though the term may sound intimidating, dental surgical stents have helped make many procedures more straightforward and precise. For example, the stent is constructed from a model of the patient’s mouth and has pre-drilled holes. It is then put over the section needing the implant, helping guide the dentist as they place it.

Innovative Dental Technology Carson CA
Printing Dental Technology Carson CA

Invisalign® for Less Conspicuous Dental Wear

Orthodontic solutions like Invisalign® have transformed the way orthodontists straighten teeth. Instead of cumbersome metal braces, Invisalign® uses custom-made, clear aligners that are barely visible to the naked eye. Patients can eat, brush, and floss as normal while having their teeth straightened sooner.

There are many more dental technologies that the Care Dental Center team will be happy to discuss with you. However, these are a few common ones that you may encounter on one of your dental visits. We will always explain what we are doing and why during your dental visits and treatments at Care Dental Center!

Will My Insurance Plan Cover the Use of Dental Technology?

Since various types of dental technology are used for different purposes, your unique situation and dental insurance policy will determine your cost at Care Dental Center. Our team will gladly help you understand your insurance benefits, and we also provide easy financing and payment plans to suit an array of budgets!

Experience a New Level of Comfort at Care Dental Center

Care Dental Center uses the latest dental technology to help keep you comfortable. To find out more or schedule an appointment at our Carson office, contact us at (310) 626-0004!


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