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If you want the best in dental care for yourself and your family, come to Care Dental Center in Carson. We use the latest technological innovations in dentistry, including safe air abrasion technology. Air abrasion is an alternative to a dental drill that helps to improve your oral health.

What Is Dental Air Abrasion?

Dental air abrasion treatment is an alternative to a traditional dental drill. Air abrasion is used to clear away tooth debris and decay. It is a small tool the dentist or dental assistant will use to carefully target the areas that need to be worked on. You might have also heard of dental abrasions. This is not the same thing, but a condition of the mouth in which there are small amounts of damage on the teeth. This is not the same thing as air abrasion technology.

What Makes Air Abrasion Technology Better?

At Care Dental Center in Carson, we pride ourselves in learning about and utilizing the best in new dental technologies. This allows us to provide the highest level of patient care. One of the newer technologies that we use is dental air abrasion. It is an alternative to a dentist drill. While there are still uses for a mechanical drill in dentistry, dental air abrasion technology is often more precise. It's also faster and less uncomfortable for the patient.

Air Abrasion Carson CA
Air Abrasion in Carson CA

Why Might I Need Dental Air Abrasion Technology?

Dental air abrasion treatment is utilized for common oral health issues such as cavities. Air abrasion might also be used for dental fillings or to prepare a tooth to receive a crown. Root canal therapy is another potential application of air abrasion technology. Air abrasion technology can also be used to remove discoloration from teeth.

How Does a Dental Air Abrasion Tool Work?

Dental air abrasion works much in the way that a sand blaster does, only on a much, much smaller scale. The air abrasion tool emits a targeted laser-like stream of sand-like particles. The particles are a safe, nontoxic material such as baking soda, silica, or aluminum oxide. The material will clear away tooth debris and decay. A small suction tube will be used to remove any debris as it is dislodged from the tooth.

Is Air Abrasion Safe and Painless?

Air abrasion is not only safe, but also painless. In many cases, we don't even need to use any sort of numbing agent when using air abrasion. When you are receiving air abrasion treatment, you will be wearing protective eyewear, as well as a dental dam, which will block any of the particles from getting into the rest of the mouth.

If you have any questions or concerns about dental air abrasion, please contact our office and we'll be happy to discuss the technology with you.

Air Abrasion Carson CA

How Much Does Dental Air Abrasion Cost in Carson?

The good news about dental air abrasion technology is that you don't usually have to worry about paying anything extra for it. Air abrasion is usually included in whatever procedure we are performing, such as root canal therapy. We might also use dental air abrasion for removing tooth decay in a serious cavity. For the cost of services such as fixing cavities or performing a root canal, please contact our friendly front desk staff. We take most forms of dental insurance and are happy to assist you with dental financing plans.

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