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Metal Braces Carson, CA

Metal braces are the traditional approach to orthodontic care, one that’s been used successfully for decades. While there are other more aesthetic options, metal braces in Carson are still one of the safest, most effective ways to get a straighter, healthier smile.

Are Braces Purely Cosmetic?

It’s easy to think that the only reason to get braces is that you don’t like your smile. Maybe you have crooked or crowded teeth or an overbite, and you’d like to fix those issues. Orthodontic treatment can correct those problems, leaving you with a lovely smile. However, that’s just the icing on the cake.

The main reason your Carson orthodontist recommends getting braces is that they correct bite misalignments. Eventually, a misaligned bite will wreak havoc on your oral health and lead to cracked and broken teeth that require extensive, expensive dental treatments. A misaligned bite can also result in TMJ disorder, which causes chronic pain and migraines.

How Do Metal Braces in Carson Work?

Braces include three components: Metal brackets, a metal archwire, and rubber bands. The brackets are cemented onto the outer surface of the teeth. The archwire fits into grooves in the brackets, and the bands secure the wire.

Over time, the archwire gently guides the teeth into their proper position. Every few weeks, you’ll visit your Carson orthodontist for an adjustment. It takes around 18-24 months (on average) to complete orthodontic treatment.

Metal Braces Carson CA
Metal Braces Advantages Carson CA

Isn’t Invisalign® the Better Option?

Not necessarily. Some patients aren’t good candidates for Invisalign® clear aligners. Often, this is because they have complex orthodontic cases that require different types of treatments. Traditional braces are typically the best option in these cases.

Another reason someone might not be a good candidate for Invisalign® is if they can’t or won’t wear the aligners as prescribed, or they can’t take care of them.

Can Adults Get Traditional Braces?

Absolutely! While the ideal age for starting orthodontic treatment is between ages seven and 10, adults can get braces, too. In fact, you’re never too old for metal braces in Carson.

How Do You Brush and Floss with Metal Braces?

Metal braces require extra time and care as it’s easy for food to get caught around the brackets and archwire. An electric toothbrush can help you get a thorough clean. Floss aids like floss threaders and WaterPiks can also help remove plaque and food debris.

How Much Do Traditional Braces Cost in Carson?

The cost of orthodontic treatment varies. Some patients need to be in braces longer than others, and some have more complex cases that require additional treatments. Your Carson orthodontic team will discuss all the costs and work with you to create a payment plan.

Will My Insurance Cover Braces in Carson?

Some insurance companies cover orthodontic treatment, including metal braces, while others don’t. If you have a policy that covers braces, you’ll need to check the fine print. See if there are any restrictions, as some companies only cover braces on patients up to 18 years of age.

Also, check for how much they’ll cover (typically around 50% to 80%). Note that if your insurance pays anything, they’ll only cover up to your annual maximum. Anything beyond that will be paid out of pocket.

What Happens After the Braces Are Removed?

Once ortho treatment is complete, your Carson orthodontist will remove the metal brackets. We’ll make a removable retainer that you’ll need to wear 24/7 for about a year. After that, you’ll need to wear the retainer every night. You can remove the retainer to eat and clean your teeth.

Metal Braces Carson CA

It’s Never Too Late to Restore Proper Alignment

Orthodontic treatment is ideal for anyone with a misaligned bite – no matter what age they are. If you’re ready for a healthier smile – and a more beautiful one, too – consider getting traditional metal braces. You won’t regret it.

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