Teeth Whitening in Carson

Do you want a whiter smile? Are you tired of having stained or brown teeth? Care Dental Center can help. We offer professional tooth whitening services, both here in our Carson office and in the comfort of your own home, that will give you a whiter smile in no time.

How Does Professional Tooth Whitening Work?

Professional tooth whitening is much more powerful and effective than do-it-yourself options such as whitening toothpaste or strips. Professional at-home options use custom molded trays and stronger bleaching agents than those available to the general public. In-office Zoom treatments use LED lights and professional whitening gel.

What Issues Does Teeth Whitening Address?

Teeth whitening removes stains and discolorations from your teeth, leaving you with a brighter, more brilliant smile. Professional tooth whitening will remove tougher and more stubborn stains than even the most powerful do-it-yourself options. If you want the brightest smile possible, you need to visit our Carson dentist office.

What Issues Can’t Be Solved by Tooth Whitening?

While professional tooth whitening can remove most stains and discolorations, it isn’t perfect and there are a few issues it can’t solve. Brown or gray teeth can’t be fixed with teeth whitening, for example. Teeth that have been discolored by medications or trauma also can’t be whitened.

Finally, dental appliances such as crowns, fillings, and caps aren’t affected by whitening products. This is one reason it’s so important to consult a professional before beginning your teeth whitening journey. You don’t want to waste your time and hard-earned money on something that won’t get you the results you want!

If any of these issues apply to you, our staff will be happy to discuss them and your options when you come into our Carson office for your consultation. 

What Are the Benefits of Tooth Whitening?

The primary benefit of tooth whitening is, of course, whiter teeth. Professional tooth whitening not only results in much whiter teeth than other options, but the treatments will be customized to you, your teeth, and your goals. You don’t have to deal with a one-size-fits-all solution when you choose professional tooth whitening; our staff will custom tailor your treatments.

What Is In-Office Tooth Whitening?

In-office tooth whitening here at Care Dental Center uses the innovative Zoom teeth whitening system. This system can whiten your teeth by as much as 8 shades in about an hour. When you come into the Carson office for a Zoom appointment, your treatment will start with our staff applying a protective gel to your lips and gums to prevent irritation. Then we will put a special whitening gel on your teeth.

The Zoom LED lights will then be turned on and used for roughly 45 minutes. Before you leave, protective fluoride will be applied to protect your newly whitened teeth.

What Is At-Home Tooth Whitening?

At-home professional tooth whitening works much the same as the do-it-yourself options, only with customized treatment and much better results. This process is slower than the Zoom treatments but is also less expensive. Some patients also prefer to do the whitening treatments in the privacy and comfort of their own homes.

Your treatment will start with an appointment at Care Dental Center to create custom bleaching trays fitted specifically for your teeth. Your provider will take impressions of your teeth and send them to a dental lab to make bleaching trays just for you. Once they’re ready, you will get them along with professional whitening gel and instructions for use.

You will notice your teeth getting gradually whiter over the course of several weeks.

How Long Does Tooth Whitening Last?

This question is hard to answer because it varies so much from one person to another. Everyone is different, has a different diet, and follows a different oral hygiene routine. In general, if you want to extend the life of your treatments, you need to avoid tobacco products entirely and limit or avoid foods that cause stains such as coffee, wine, and soda.

Acidic foods will also stain or discolor your teeth if you consume them regularly.

How Do I Get Started with Professional Tooth Whitening?

It’s as easy as coming into our Carson office for a consultation. Once you’re met our staff and been evaluated, we will create a customized treatment plan based on your individual teeth and your goals. We will discuss all of your options and make a recommendation that we think will provide you with the best results.

Our staff will be happy to discuss other options with you as well, of course, and you will be free to choose the option that you think is best for you and your needs.

How Much Does Professional Tooth Whitening Cost?

The cost of tooth whitening varies based on the method you choose, the current condition of your teeth, and your goals. Professional tooth whitening is considered a cosmetic dentistry procedure, which means that most dental insurance plans won’t cover it. 

Generally speaking, in-office Zoom treatments are more expensive than at-home whitening treatments, but that can also vary from individual to individual. Again, when you choose professional tooth whitening, everything is tailored specifically to you.

After your consultation, we will give you a detailed financial breakdown of the cost of your treatment in addition to your customized treatment plan. You will never have to worry about hidden or surprise costs at Care Dental Center. We also offer a variety of payment plans and financing options to help you get the care you need. Just ask any of our staff if you would like to know more about them!

Do You Want a Whiter Smile?

Care Dental Center offers both at-home and in-office professional tooth whitening services to help you get the smile you’ve always wanted. Improving your smile is easy when you come to us. We even offer flexible appointment times for all of our Carson patients, so you can more easily fit your tooth whitening appointments into your busy life.

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